Emotional Marketing

Emotional marketing is about taking what you do as a business and communicating why you do it. Why? Because feelings drive behavior and behavior motivates action. It’s about telling a powerful story that connects in a relevant and emotionally compelling way.

Great brandbuilders understand that emotions drive the decision-making process. Then they align those emotions with the decisions an audience is asked to make. Emotions, not logic, have the prime say in a person’s choice.

“The way people think about a brand does not make them act. The way they feel about a brand does.” We apply this philosophy to the entire planning and creative process. We relentlessly focus on the core emotional idea unique to a brand, rekindling existing customers and attracting new ones.

The best stories shape our culture.
The more emotional the image or story, the stronger it connects.
Neuro-imagery proves emotions, not information, drive decisions.
Emotions define customer experiences.
Mental habits and emotional reactions guide the purchase process.
Associating a brand with powerful stories increases reactions and response.
Appeal to the heart, then the head.
Positive emotions toward a brand have far greater influence on loyalty than trust.
Brand messages about personal value create greater response.
Brands that identify personal pains and gains drive greater response.
Focusing on Emotional "moments that matter" trigger increased response.
Creative ideas that portray emotional intensity create emotional connections.
The shortest path to brand success is understanding a customer's personal goals.
Emotional Marketing is disruptive and compels people to respond differently.
Branding is the art of making something famous.
Feelings drive behavior. Behavior motivates action.
All great brands champion a lucid philosophy or belief system.