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Emotional Marketing and The Entertainment Industry’s Golden Rule

Emotional Marketing and The Entertainment Industry’s Golden Rule

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In the 80’s, my soon-to-be business partner Rio, and I, began working in the advertising business with global agencies when suddenly, we both found ourselves immersed deeply in the entertainment industry. We had the incredible opportunity to produce some of the most memorable and iconic film campaigns for many blockbuster films. During that time, we learned that in an industry that lives or dies on the very principal of dynamic storytelling, there was a golden rule that became the difference between the success and failure of a theatrical launch.

The Golden Rule: We don’t sell the movie; we sell the movie the audience wants to see.

Once we started our own firm, we asked ourselves, “why can’t we apply that same rule to non-entertainment brands?” Since, we have applied that rule when developing the integrated marketing and branding strategies for every industry, product and service for which we have been responsible.

For global electronics giant Sony, we used Emotional Marketing to appeal to a woman’s feelings of adventure and indulgence. For an independent East Texas bank we used Emotional Marketing to appeal to a family’s feeling of heritage, security and empowerment. For an automobile manufacturer, we appealed to a man’s desire to feel heroic.

For marketers, think about it. Are you are selling a product, service or feature, or are you selling a “brand experience”? Can you tell your customers how your brand makes them feel? Do you know how your customers feel about your brand? The better you can answer those questions, the more successful you will be at driving engagement and revenue.