Adaptive Process

Our Adaptive Process allows a brand to create more personalized and emotional experiences with consumers. It provides deep insight into the emotional IQ of a brand and helps to discover how to identify the behavior, needs and desires of your customers.

Every aspect of this process involves implementing, managing and measuring outcomes through a dynamic, multi-touch, multimedia, multi-channel approach that is inherently adaptive, collaborative and supportive.

You’ve built your organization and brand to adapt, withstand and succeed in an ever-changing environment. Your integrated marketing should do so as well.


1. Emotional Health

Start with a comprehensive picture of your brand’s emotional and rational health.

2. Influential Content

Create and deliver ideas that influence, inform and motivate action.

3. Customer Insights

Identify customer insights and perceptions: behavior, needs, desires.

4. Manage Outcomes

Implement and manage outcomes. Adjust mediums and messaging accordingly.

5. Measurable Analysis & Insight Reporting

Implement tools to track and analyze interest, activity and response to marketing.